Indian Runner Ducks



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Runner or Indian Runner ducks originated in Asia. Evidence indicates they have existed for at least 2,000 years. For centuries, Indo-Chinese people used the ducks to forage weed seeds and pests such as snails and insects from rice paddies.   During the day they worked the paddies in sight of their owner, and at night they were safely returned to shelter.  After their eggs were collected in the morning, they returned to work in the paddies.  As a result the ducks were selected for their ability to walk, forage, and lay eggs. The ducks were introduced to the United Kingdom around 1850, possibly via Malaya by a ship’s captain, and were introduced into the United States early in the twentieth century.

The Runner is a a tall, slim duck with a long neck, straight bill and eyes set high on its  head.  Runners are hardy, active and fast, diligent foragers, and productive layers of eggs.   Some people say they resemble a wine bottle or a bowling pin. Others call them penguin ducks. No matter what you think they look like, they are fun to watch!

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Runner ducks come in many colors. We have Fawn & White and Chocolate runners. The Fawn & White hens lay white eggs. The Chocolate hens lay blue-green eggs.  The Livestock Conservancy status for Indian Runner ducks has improved from watch to recovering.

Ducks eggs have many advantages over chicken eggs.  Duck egg shells and the shell membrane evolved to be very strong and water tight as a result of ducks laying their eggs  in wet places.  Duck eggs contain more nutrients and less water than chicken eggs. According to the USDA ducks have higher levels of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and protein than chicken eggs. Duck eggs can be used in any recipe that calls for chicken eggs. Duck eggs are favored by professional  bakers.  Some people who are allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs.  Duck eggs are larger than extra-large chicken eggs.  Duck eggs have a creamy texture.

Eggs for eating can be purchased at the farm.  On occasion we sell breeding stock and fertilized eggs.  Email or call the farm for availability.

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