Jacob Sheep




The Jacob sheep is an ancient breed of sheep that may have originated in the Middle East, probably Syria, about 3,000 years ago. According to the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association (JSBA) website, “Pictorial evidence traces   movement of these sheep through North Africa, Sicily, Spain and on to England.”

Scan 3The website also mentions the popular story of Jacob sheep as being decendants of the spotted sheep that Jacob obtained from his father-in law. In return for working for him, Jacob was permitted to keep any spotted lambs.  Scan 16According to the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament, God spoke to Jacob in a dream and told Jacob to place spotted twigs at the sheep’s watering hole. Jacob did so and the result was that all of the ewes who drank at the hole had spotted lambs.

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Scan 36In England, where it was appreciated for its beauty, Jacob flocks graced the parks and lands of monarchs and wealthy estate owners.  The sheep are unimproved, which means that they have a slender, primitive, deer-like build. DSC04228

Both rams and ewes have horns, ranging in number from 2 to 6.  Jacobs have spotted fleeces.  Their fleeces are not double-coated. They yield a lovely open, medium fine hand-spinning quality fleece which is low in grease, and a delicately flavored low-fat red meat.

Jacobs are hardy, resistant to parasites and hoof problems, and the ewes are easy lambers  and devoted mothers who deliver vigorous, active lambs.Scan 23

Our flock is JSBA registered.  We offer tanned pelts, horns, yarn, and woven throws from our Jacob flock.  Call or email us to check on availability.

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